Content Marketing Services

Definitely! We offer free 30-minute consultation so that we can provide your challenges with perfect solutions. So, if you only need social media marketing or SEO, for example, you can tell us during the free consultation period.

We have a wide range of business industries that we’ve already served. However, most of them are E-commerce, Consulting or Professional Services, Hospitality, Software, Dentistry, and Electronics or Music.

Our pricing can start as low as $250 depending on what solutions we need to provide based on your challenges. The average full-scale content marketing prices that we offer is $2,500 only. However, it can go up to $25,000 depending on your goals and project requirements.

Content Writing Services

All our content is subjected to Copyscape to make sure it is original and unique. When we deliver your content, you will not find anything like it on the Internet!

To say “Yes” would not only be obvious; it would also be self-serving. The proof of the pie is in the eating. Give us a try and find out for yourself. What we can promise you is we provide greater value than anyone out there. Our commitment under “Satisfaction Guaranteed” is our word and bond.

Once we receive the instructions on the topic, we will assign it to a writer with experience on the subject matter. The writer will dedicate time to research on the topic to make sure information is updated. Keywords will also be provided to the writer.

Then the writer will create an outline of the article which will be the basis for the structure of content. We encourage our writers to be creative.

Some will start writing the body of the article to get a better feel for the content. This way the writer would be able to craft a more effective introduction and conclusion.

The first draft is proof-read, checked for grammar and spelling errors and undergoes Copyscape. The writer will also verbalize the content as if he or she were public speaking.

The idea is to make sure the article resonates with the reader. If the writer can’t understand the content, neither will the reader.

Every time the article is edited or re-written, it undergoes the same Quality Assurance procedures.

We also review the structure to make sure it is easy to read and navigate through.

Our writers will work their very best so that content will meet or exceed your expectations. This is why we offer up to 4 revisions free-of-charge.

Before each revision is undertaken, we will put your instructions in black and white for clear, easy and immediate reference. This way we limit our mistakes and bring ourselves closer to achieving your desired content.

Yes. If you want it written in as an informative article, a straight narrative, informal or friendly, loose and humorous or in a story-telling approach we can do all of that.

One of the first things we will ask you is, “When do you need the content?”

The time it will take our writer to finish and submit the content would depend on the following factors:

  • Subject Matter
  • Required Length
  • Amount of research required

Our focus will always be on quality. We will never compromise quality for speed. We will inform you if the deadline is not possible and try to work out a more realistic time- table.

WordPress Development Services

Other than a full WordPress Site Development, we provide stand-alone services such as Landing page development, Technical SEO, WordPress Speed Optimization, and WordPress Site Maintenance.

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