Our Mission

Our mission is to help people improve their life by connecting them with businesses through content at the time they need it most.

As entrepreneurs, we work to serve as the spark plug in the economy's engine. We provide content marketing agency solutions that can help save time and money, grow your business, and produce positive ROI. Working with us will allow people to learn unique offerings of your products, provide valuable information, create employment, and ultimately improve their quality of life.

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Your Bff

We are an extension of your creative, sales, and marketing team.

In an age where so many companies are stuck in philosophical differences between creative, technology and media, we aren’t. Clients of all shapes and sizes call us to get a fresh perspective on their content strategy.

We are an agency based in the Philippines specializing in growth-driven content marketing and writing strategies.

Everything we do aims to help entrepreneurs increase their profit through our strategic and analytically focused content marketing agency solution. It also helps people improve their life by connecting them with businesses through content at the time they need it most.

We aren’t big. We aren’t small. Our network of veteran creative and technical types is vast, global and ready to make things happen fast.

We are nimble, agile, reasonably priced and supportive. We provide the best in class and most top shelf content marketing services for businesses that keep their profit growing.

We are dedicated to you because we believe our success depends on your success. Your continued patronage, as well as your testimonial to potential clients, means good to us.

We believe in having meaningful and deep relationships with our clients, their brands, and culture. We mean it when we say we listen and are emphatic.

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Giving Back

Creating A Future Where All Children Have A Chance To Succeed

Because with every product or service you purchase, a small percentage of the profit will be continuously be donated to the work of Pencilsofpromise.org to build more schools, support teachers, and provide scholarships to those in need.

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Roel quit his job and started his company in his garage in the Philippines with small clients from United States, Australia, Canada, and Asia offering designs, writing and marketing.


Roel and his team has helped more than 250+ businesses of all sizes around the world. Transforming hundreds of lives and turning an average entrepreneur into a millionaire.

100% Virtual

Our team works globally from Asia to the U.S. without compromising the quality of our service, project deliveries, and productivity. We work at the most comfortable places we love.

Founder of Enamtila

Roel Manarang on the spotlight.

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